Renewable Fuels Month and The BEST Act

May was named Renewable Fuels Month and new legislation was brought to Senate.

The Better Energy Storage Technology (BEST) Act was introduced yesterday in the Senate. The bipartisan legislation would support an energy storage research and development program with the directive to set cost targets and strategic goals for storage innovation, and up to five large-scale storage demonstration projects.

This comes less than a week after Governor Pete Ricketts proclaimed May as Renewable Fuels Month in Nebraska. Among several potential renewable energy sources, Nebraska has an approximate total operational capacity of over 29 megawatts of Solar. This ranks NE as 13th for solar power potential.

Embracing the transition to renewable energy is critical in fighting climate change which is an existential threat to birds and people. Thank you to all senators that brought forward this legislation and thank you Governor Ricketts for taking the step for the betterment of people, birds and the environment.

To read the original article from the National Audubon Society, click here. 

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