Climate Change and its Effect on Birds: A New Community Science Project

Audubon’s new community science project may provide answers for how climate change is affecting the nation’s birds. Nebraska volunteers were excited to take part.

Barbara DiBernard, a Lincoln-area volunteer, decided to get involved after retiring as an English professor. “The idea that a total non-scientist could participate and make observations was really appealing to me,” said Barbara. “I like feeling like I’m a part of something with others to acknowledge and preserve the environment.”

In addition to being a simpler survey, volunteers believe it’s very important because changing climate will have a wide variety of complex impacts. As project participant Steve Martindale explains, “The climate is clearly changing and flooding across Nebraska is a direct correlation.”

“This survey will provide a window to how birds are responding,” explained Kristal Stoner, Executive Director for Audubon Nebraska. “It’s necessary that biologists understand how different birds respond to a changing climate in order to make science-based management decisions.”

Though the summer survey is over, there is still another opportunity to take part. The winter survey begins in January; get a head start by contacting Jason “The Birdnerd” at

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