The 2019 Rowe Summer Camps: Days of Learning and Amazement

Rowe Sanctuary had a successful summer camp season with two weeks of Platte River Safari and one week of Flying Higher.

This year for Safari, mornings were spent out on field sites doing activities like dip netting for water critters, looking at plant diversity in a wet meadow, and using spider catchers to catch invertebrates. Afternoons were busy learning about grassland insects, using microscopes to learn about aquatic invertebrates and learning more about recycling.

Families of campers came out Wednesday evening and enjoyed a couple of songs from the campers. They then became leaders for their family members and showed them the sanctuary as well as some projects they worked on.

As always on Thursday morning, kids played in the water, caught water critters, learned about hydroelectric power, completed a water relay race and shot off water rockets.

This year, Flying Higher camp was focused on slimy and scaly critters that act as indicator species in their habitat. Campers also gathered data on different animals and submitted data online to aid scientific research. Projects included catching butterflies, water invertebrates and amphibians, listening for frog calls, and looking at what fish are in a wetland.

Camps would not have been possible without our great sponsors. Thank you to Central Platte NRD, Cornerstone Bank, Gibbon Exchange Bank, Headwaters Corporation, Minden Exchange Bank, Minden Public Schools, Nebraska Central Telephone Company, Shelton Dental Clinic, Tri-Basin NRD, Wild Birds Unlimited, Royal Engineered Composites, Mason’s Market, and Larry’s Market for your generous donations in support of Rowe Sanctuary!

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