Important Bird Areas

Niobrara State Park

Site Description: This state park is situated at the confluence of the Niobrara and Missouri rivers on Nebraska’s northeastern border. It is in the transition area from tallgrass to shortgrass prairie.

Ornithological Summary: Sandbars along the Missouri River allow foraging and nesting habitat for shorebirds and other waterbirds. Staff work with government biologists marking sensitive areas for Least Terns and Piping Plovers. Forested areas provide important migration stopover for a large diversity of birds. State birds of concern include Greater Prairie-Chicken, Northern Bobwhite, Whip-poor-will, Red-headed Woodpecker, and Grasshopper Sparrow.


For more information, call or write Kevin Poague, Important Bird Areas Coordinator, Audubon Nebraska, P.O. Box 117, 11700 SW 100th Street, Denton, NE 68339 402-797-2301, Fax: 402-797-2304.

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