Important Bird Areas

Lincoln Area Saline Wetlands Complex

Site Description and Ornithological Summary: The saline wetland complex of southeastern Nebraska is the most threatened ecosystem in the state. More than 230 species of birds have been documented in the salt basins of Lancaster County. Four different sites are part of this IBA. Whitehead Saline Wetlands is a 100-acre area owned by the Lower Platte South Natural Resources District. It is a valued area for many species of waterbirds and wetland passerines such as Nelson’s and LeConte’s Sparrows. Arbor Lake and nearby Shoemaker Marsh encompass nearly 300 acres of land several miles north of Whitehead and are owned by the City of Lincoln. These saline and semi-permanent wetlands seasonally attract Great-tailed Grackles, migrant ducks and shorebirds, and prairie passerines.

Jack Sinn Wildlife Management Area has 1,500 acres and is owned and managed by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. It consists of mostly seasonally wet lowlands that occur along a creek drainage. Some of the best remaining saline wetlands in Nebraska are found here, supporting valued rail and marsh bird habitat.


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