Important Bird Areas

Kiowa State Wildlife Management Area

Site Description: This state wildlife management area is south of Morrill in Nebraska’s panhandle. The 480-acre site has a lake with surrounding grassland habitat.

Ornithological Summary: High numbers of migrating shorebirds and wading species can be found, such as Wilson’s Phalarope; Stilt, White-rumped, and Baird’s Sandpipers; Great Egret; and White-faced Ibis. Waterfowl (Mallard, Pintails, both teal species, Northern Shovelers, Gadwalls, Wigeons, etc.) are common year-round. Burrowing Owls nest in the uplands surrounding the lake, and Northern Harriers are resident birds.


For more information, call or write Kevin Poague, Important Bird Areas Coordinator, Audubon Nebraska, P.O. Box 117, 11700 SW 100th Street, Denton, NE 68339 402-797-2301, Fax: 402-797-2304.

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