Important Bird Areas

Indian Cave State Park

Site Description: This 3,000-acre state park along the Missouri River in southeastern Nebraska is one of the largest public areas in the eastern half of the state. The large expanse of eastern deciduous forest (cottonwood/ash/hackberry) dominates the property, which also contains smaller wetland and marsh areas.

Ornithological Summary: Eastern species dependent on large, relatively unbroken tracts of forest for successful breeding rely on the narrow expanse of wooded habitats bordering the Missouri River. At Indian Cave one can find such birds as Kentucky, Cerulean, and Prothonotary Warbler; Pileated Woodpecker; Wood Thrush; and Scarlet and Summer Tanagers. Being situated along the River’s flyway, the park is a vital migrant stopover during spring and fall migration.


For more information, call or write Kevin Poague, Important Bird Areas Coordinator, Audubon Nebraska, P.O. Box 117, 11700 SW 100th Street, Denton, NE 68339 402-797-2301, Fax: 402-797-2304.

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