Audubon taps into people’s love of birds to protect them from climate change.

Bobolink. Photo: Caroline Samson / Audubon Photography Awards.

How Audubon Creates Effective Climate Solutions

Climate change is an existential threat to birds and people, and addressing this threat requires sustained, targeted action. Audubon is uniquely suited to help drive that action with our hemispheric network of staff and volunteers from all walks of life and of all political persuasions.

Audubon supports reaching 50 percent renewable-power generation by 2030. Building on two decades of collaboration and advocacy for well-sited renewable energy projects, we will work with all stakeholders—energy developers, conservation organizations, local communities, and government agencies—to promote renewable energy policies at the local, state and federal levels, and to advance projects on the ground. In Nebraska, we are pushing for solar energy. Click here to learn why solar power is good for birds. 

Volunteers across the state of Nebraska contribute to Climate Watch, a new community science program explores how North American birds are responding to climate change. Information from this study could give an answer to how birds are responding to climate change nationwide. 

How you can help, right now