Bird-Friendly Communities

With simple acts of hope, everyone can help make their community bird-friendly

Audubon is committed to transforming our communities into places where birds flourish

Where birds thrive, people prosper. From urban centers to rural towns, each community can provide important habitat for native birds. In turn, birds offer us a richer, more beautiful, and healthful place to live. 

Each community has a unique ecological and cultural story to tell. Creating Bird-Friendly Communities is Audubon’s commitment to the sustainability of our urban, suburban, and rural places. We can restore and reconnect these places. We can reestablish the ecological functions of our cities and towns. We can provide an essential, safe habitat for birds.

Tips For Building a Bird-Friendly Community

Take Audubon’s Healthy Yard Pledge to promote bird-friendly communities. Pledge to remove invasive exotic plants; plant native species; reduce pesticide use; conserve water; protect water quality; and support birds and other wildlife. 

Begin small and have a plan. 

Create a market for native plants. You can learn about native plants that are best for your area here and find local resources. If they are not sold near you, encourage your local garden centers to keep them in stock. The more they are asked about, the more likely the center will carry the plants. 

Try to avoid cultivars of the native plants you’re buying. When the horticultural industry tweaks a plant’s features (for instance, its color or petal size and shape), the plants may become less desirable or even incompatible with the insects that evolved to eat them.

Shun the misconception that gardens brimming with native plants look weedy. 

There’s power in numbers. Enlist your neighbors and wider community to help incorporate bird-friendly plantings in yards, parks, workplaces, schoolyards, and other public areas to create a wider habitat for birds. 

Participate in community science projects. Audubon has numerous opportunities available, including the Christmas Bird Count and the Great Backyard Bird Count, two ongoing citizen science programs that help track long-term bird population trends.

Show off your Plants For Birds pride. You can make a donation to Audubon here and receive a Plants For Birds sign! 

How you can help, right now