Crane Festival


We want to thank the wonderful sponsors of the 2019 festival:

Adventure Bus & Charter

Holiday Inn and Convention Center

Kearney Visitors Bureau

Nebraska Game and Parks Commission

Prairie Chicken Dance Tours

Each year over 600,000 Sandhill Cranes stop along the Platte River, bringing thousands of visitors from all fifty states and around the world to witness one of the world’s oldest and greatest wildlife migrations.

During the crane festival. Kearney becomes a hub for wildlife enthusiasts from around the world. Internationally acclaimed experts guide wildlife viewing tours, host panels, conduct workshops, and lead hands-on activities for participants of all ages. Exhibitors share the latest resources and information with avid learners throughout the event. On Saturday, a free Wild Experience Room invites families from around the state to explore the migration through hands-on games and activities.

The festival and the annual crane migration offer exposure to thousands of visitors from around the world, many of whom are leaders and experts in the outdoor and environmental communities. Our sponsors support ensures that a thriving and vibrant network of informed community members are here to protect the Platte River and the cranes.

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